What happens if I leave a group of Whatsapp of which I am the administrator?

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How do I return to a group that I left but I was the administrator?


  If I leave a group of which I am the administrator, who will be the new administrator?

Qué ocurre si salgo de un grupo de Whatsapp del que soy administrador

When someone creates a WhatsApp group they become “the administrator” of that group and acquire certain privileges that should be known:

  • They can add other users to the group.
  • They can also remove whoever they want from the group.
  • They can appoint other administrators, although they cannot stop being the administrator without leaving the group.
  • They can eliminate other users even if they are administrators.
  • They cannot cancel the group, although they may end up expelling all of their participants.

The rest of the group’s components can only, in addition to chatting, modify the photo and the subject of the group.

If an administrator who created a group leaves without previously naming another administrator, WhatsApp is responsible for granting that privilege to another member of the group. I am not sure about the criteria chosen to name them, it seems that it is not at random, nor is it due to the order of incorporation into the group, but the truth is that one of the participants will receive the following message: “now you are an administrator” and we will not have control.

Therefore, if we leave a chat that we created without first appointing another administrator what happens is that WhatsApp takes care of it, which may not be a good idea if the privileges fall on a component with whom “we do not get along too well” or with the one we probably had the “row” that motivated our departure.

The only way to return to a group that we abandoned, even if we created it, is for the new administrator to add us. If we have not named him we will not know who he is, therefore, we should write privately to any member of the group to ask them to find out who the new administrator is and direct us to him so he can incorporate us again.

Finding out who is the administrator of a WhatsApp group is simple. You only have to access the group information and review the list of participants. The administrator (s) appear with the indication ‘Admin. of the group’.

Qué ocurre si salgo de un grupo de Whatsapp del que soy administrador

The best thing we can do before leaving a group is to confirm who the administrator is, as long as we think that there is some remote possibility of returning.

With so many groups that we have in WhatsApp it is easy to forget that we have even created some of them. If so, we must name the relay before leaving it, so that we leave the privileges in the hands of one whom we trust the most.

We only have to press on the contact on the list of participants and we will see a menu of options where we can designate him as group administrator.

Qué ocurre si salgo de un grupo de Whatsapp del que soy administrador

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10 months ago

Hi – can you solve my problem ? I created a whatsapp group but by mistake i left the group – and the whatsapp made some random people as the admin for the group wich i created , now they don’t want me to become admin again – they are posting very vulgar messages in that group and adding every body they can and using my photos and name as well I am i responsible for any of their illegal business in that group? – is there any way to delete or becoming admin again in that group (Arabian Malayali… Read more »

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