75% of parents do not exercise any type of parental control of their children’s mobile

75% of parents do not have any type of parental control of their children’s cell phones, despite the fact that 31% are concerned that their child may make improper use of this device, according to a survey made to our readers in this same Blog.

El 75% de los padres no ejerce ningún tipo de control parental del móvil de sus hijos

Around 29% of parents buy their children their first ‘smartphone’ before age 12, which shows that children depend, increasingly from younger ages, on this type of device. This multiplies the importance of “accompanying” them in their use to increase their security.

Parents cannot forget that we must also exercise our care function in the environment of new technologies to adequately protect our children and help them use it in an appropriate way,” said Miguel A. Juan, associate-director of S2 Grupo.

18% of parents acknowledged that their child or an acquaintance had been a victim of bullying via mobile. Harassment among minors, the sending of private photographs or access to apps or games that violate security are some of the main dangers that young people face.

Regarding the time they spend daily on their use, 51% of parents said they did not need to do any kind of control because their children used it “responsibly and appropriately”, while 24% did, because they understood that minors “neglected important tasks”.

To address this situation, S2 Grupo has created anAgreement between parents and children for the use of the first mobile phone‘, which can be downloaded from our website ‘www.hijosdigitales.es‘ so that the child knows the basic rules of responsible use of the telephone and sign it as a gesture of commitment.