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Are you looking for a way to spy on the Whatsapp? Don’t be fooled!

If you’ve come here because you’re looking for methods to spy on someone else’s WhatsApp conversations, you’re probably interested in reading this article in its entirety.

The Internet is full of information about how to spy other WhatsApp accounts. Pages and applications for mobile phones that promise to do so are multiplying on the Internet. All you have to do is search with terms like “spy WhatsApp” to get thousands of results with every kind of information, most of them deceptive and sometimes, even malicious.

Buscas cómo espiar el Whatsapp. Que no te engañen


Guide for Promoting the Responsible Use of Technology in the Family Environment

Orange and S2 Grupo have collaborated in the creation of the Guide on the Responsible Use of Technology in the Family Environment, presented last June in Madrid by The Club of Excellence in Sustainability.

Guía para Fomentar el Uso Responsable de la Tecnología en el Entorno Familiar

The Excellence in Sustainability Club is a business association composed of a group of nineteen large companies (*) that are committed to sustainable growth from an economic, social and environmental point of view, constituting the reference forum in Spain in the dissemination and promotion of responsible practices.


Use your Android as a spy camera without anyone noticing

One of the possibilities that Android phones have is that we can use them to record video in a totally silent way, without giving any kind of signal when recording and even when the screen is locked and turned off.

Utiliza tu Android como cámara espía sin que nadie lo advierta

To turn our Android into such an interesting tool, but also dangerous, we just have to install some of the applications available in the official store that allow it. The one that stands out from others for the number of downloads and the high rating is Background Video Recorder.


Applications for learning and improving our English

The best way to learn English is undoubtedly the “immersion” in a country where this language is spoken, but in the absence of this possibility, we can make use of our mobile devices and their countless applications.

Aplicaciones para aprender y mejorar nuestro inglés

As we already know, we find applications with all kinds of utilities and, of course, learning English is one of them. In general, they have attractive designs to make learning fun and enjoyable, as well as structured and adaptable to any level.


Google Photos now lets you add or edit the location of your photos

El servicio de Google que nos permite almacenar fotos y vídeos de forma ilimitada ha incorporado recientemente una función esperada por todos los que la utilizamos habitualmente. Se trata de la posibilidad de añadir manualmente la ubicación de nuestras fotos y vídeos, editarla o incluso eliminarla.

Google Fotos ya permite añadir o editar la ubicación de las fotos

Until this new update, our photos and videos in Google Photos could be located on the map by means of two different data sourcesthe GPS coordinates themselves taken by the camera and our location history or chronology.


How and when to create a system image in Windows 10

We always insist on the importance of keeping backup copies of the files on our different devices. There are many causes why we can lose everything, such as the effect of a virus, the failure of a memory unit, accidental deletion or simply the loss of a computer.

Cómo y cuándo crear una copia de seguridad del sistema en Windows 10

Windows 10 has different backup systems for different purposes. The variety of options we find creates a bit of confusion for the user and sometimes we do not know very well which of them to use, when and for what.