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Google Grasshopper application to learn how to program in javascript

Google, through one of its subsidiary companies, has launched the Grasshopper application for mobile devices designed to facilitate the learning of javascript, one of the most interesting computer programming languages of the moment.

The company has the name of Area 120, but is part of the Google complex. We can see the presentation on its websitewhere we will find links to install the application on both Android and iOS devices.

 Aplicación Grasshopper de Google para aprender a programar en javascript

As it is usual in their creations, they have taken great care of the appearance and presentation of the application so that it is striking. In addition, its operation is very intuitive and easy to use. Through funny graphics where a small grasshopper shows us the evolutions, anyone interested in learning javascript programming can progress through the different exercises.


Defender Tips to keep Windows 10 safer. Check Windows Defender

Windows 10 is the most used operating system in the world to make our computers run. That is the main reason why it becomes a constant target for most cyber-attacks and will remain so while its hegemony lasts.

Microsoft has done a good job with the protection systems with which this version of its Windows has been provided. However, it is the user himself who has the ultimate responsibility that the system works under the safe guidelines with which it is defined and for that, he must take care to keep it as up-to-date and “sound” as possible.

Revisa Windows Defender

Let’s review the main security features of our Windows 10 and check that everything works as it should. In general, it will be sufficient for us to periodically look at the information provided by the Windows Defender security program.


Steps to eliminate information in the search engines

Today again we publish a post written by one of our readers. It is the second one that he sends us to share it in our blog. Remember that our readers can make use of the blog sectionWrite your post and we will publish it for you“.
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 In this article we will try to explain how we can eliminate information published on the Internet over the years, some with permission and other without it. To begin with, I would like to say that what is presented here is intended for the countries of the European Union (EU) where a law of Data Protection governs more extensive than elsewhere in the world, especially the so-called ‘Right to Oblivion’. However, it should be noted that in some cases you can also request deletion when the website is hosted outside the EU. Finally, I will explain that there are websites that until the date of publication of this article it is not possible to contact the administrator of the page since the email address is protected thanks to applications that have that function.


Use the Wi-Fi network for guests of your router for security

Many current routers have the possibility of creating in our homes a special Wi-Fi network for guests. In addition to convenience, as we will see, the use of this function gives us above all security.

Utiliza la red Wifi para invitados de tu router por seguridad

With the arrival of fiber optics as a means of accessing the Internet and the new more sophisticated routers, some new functions that we should know and use can appear in our Wi-Fi networks.


Grindr ignites the gay community for having shared their data

Recently, another worrying case of international data leakage has been uncovered. On this occasion the company involved is responsible for Grindra social network aimed at facilitating contacts among the gay community through its popular mobile application.

Grindr enciende a la comunidad gay por haber compartido sus datos

It is focused on the male homosexual community and currently has more than 3.6 million active users around the world. The objective of this application is to facilitate dates in person among users from this community through shared information, chats, geolocation, photos, etc. It is available for both Android and iPhone.


How they use Facebook information to manipulate us

Facebook information has been used to manipulate its users. This is the emphatic assertion that we can draw when knowing the details of the scandal in which Facebook and the British company Cambridge Analityca have been involved.

Cómo la información de Facebook se puede utilizar para manipularnos

The personal information of the profiles of Facebook has been used in mass by this company to elaborate advertising strategies with the purpose of influencing in the past presidential elections of the USA, at least that is what emerges from the investigations published in some media as this article from Xataka.

What was it?


Mobile malware, the big business of cybercriminals

Mobile malware has been the threat that has provided the most money to cybercriminals in recent times, as attacks through this malicious software are able to remain hidden for longer periods of time, compared to attacks against computers (ransomware). This is the conclusion drawn by experts from the security firm Check Point, who point out that Judy, a virus that infected millions of Android smartphones last year, thanks to its presence in more than 40 applications of the Play Store, remained operational during one year, while WannaCry, for example, did not exceed the month.

Malware móvil, el gran negocio de los ciberdelincuentes


ThisCrush, an anonymous social network that encourages cyberbullying

Although ThisCrush is, according to its creators, a social network aimed at messages that seek to flatter and enamor the recipient, the truth is that the possibility of sending comments anonymously causes the messages of offensive type, insults, threats, etc. to rocket there.

The ThisCrush social network is not even two years old and is already a reference among 12 year old teenagers or even minors.

ThisCrush, una red social anónima que incita al ciberacoso

A meaning of the term “Crush” refers to those Platonic loves that are not reciprocated. The social network ThisCrush is based on this, on being able to send to another person messages to initiate a loving relation of anonymous form or, if it is wanted, showing the real name.