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How to know the last connection to whatsapp from someone who hides it

We’ve already talked about Whatsapp’s privacy settings on other occasions. It is a subject of great interest and generates numerous questions from our readers about how to view or hide information from other users in this messaging service.

Getting to know if the other person has read or not our message is often turned into an often unsuccessful exercise of espionage, since that person may have configured their privacy so that others do not even see when the messages are read (double blue check) nor when they connect.

Cómo saber la última conexión al whatsapp de alguien que la ocultaAndroid users have an ally that will greatly help Whatsapp spies in the task of knowing when one of their contacts was last logged on. What’s more, they will not only know the last time, but all the times they were connected and their duration, even if they have configured their privacy to hide their last connection and even blocked the spy.


Parental control on the iPhone or iPad comes standard

Mobile devices and tablets are the favorite toys of children, we cannot deny the evidence. We will be more or less in agreement, but the reality is that the smallest of the house find the use of these technological advances very attractive and few parents are reluctant to leave them to be entertained, even at very young ages.

Android devices do not come with any installed system of origin to limit access to certain applications or configurations and even less prepared to restrict the contents that Internet browsers can show us. For this reason, for this system it is necessary to resort to external applications that provide all these measures and of which we already spoke on another occasion.

But the phones and tablets of the Apple brand already come from the factory with the necessary tools to limit many of their functions with a password, which we can easily use as a tool for parental control.