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If you have a 5G Wi-Fi network, take advantage of its higher connection speed

The devices that we have at home that provide us with the Wi-Fi network (routers) work by emitting waves at different frequencies. Lately the dual models are being extended, those that are capable of emitting both the usual frequencies and others less widespread, what is known as 5G Wi-Fi.

Si tienes una red Wifi 5G tienes una mayor velocidad de conexión

If we have a recent installation, especially if we have fiber, it is possible that our router already has this possibility. If so, it will be highly recommended that we connect our devices to that frequency as it will improve our experience in the use of the Internet.

What is 5G Wi-Fi?


Review the privacy of the new Whatsapp status

Recently a new feature has appeared in Whatsapp that allows to show small ephemeral videos. We will find it in what they call Status.

Revisa la privacidad de los nuevos estados de Whatsapp

Until now, the status in Whatsapp consisted of a simple phrase or small message associated with our profile that was shown next to our photo. It was constant as long as we did not modify it and we could choose to be seen by all users, only our contacts or nobody.

What is the Whatsapp status now?


Main doubts about how Google Photos works

One of the Google applications that is currently having greater acceptance is undoubtedly Google PhotosThe possibility of saving unlimited backups of our photos and videos in the cloud is something that attracts the attention of all users, including iPhone users.

Preguntas frecuentes sobre el funcionamiento de Google Fotos

This Google service offers free and unlimited space for our photos and videos. It keeps them available, only to us, when we access our account from any device connected to the Internet.