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It’s not a DGT fine, it’s a hoax to steal your passwords

Cybercriminals attempt to infect computers by simulating a notification of a DGT fine. When you download it, a malware tries to steal the passwords of the victims of this phishing.

multa de la dgt

Phishing attacks are the most used by cybercriminals to steal data from users. In fact, according to the latest Email Fraud Landscape report, more than 6,400 fraudulent, fake or dangerous emails are sent every day. Many of them are phishing attacks.


Mobile malware is skyrocketing, don’t you have your phone protected yet?

Mobile malware keeps growing. In the last year, banking trojans specific to devices have shot up by 56%, according to a study by security company Kaspersky.

malware móvil

Malware is not just about computers. We’re not only talking about computer viruses, but about all kinds of malicious programs.


Protect your bank details on the Internet

In the middle of the sale season, online purchases skyrocket. However, few users take the precaution of protecting their banking data on the Internet.

datos bancarios

Online shopping is revolutionizing the way of consuming. In fact, even some clothing stores are innovating in their physical stores to adapt to this change. For example, Zara has already tested the concept of a physical store solely for online order collection in London, and has also robotized and computerized some of its stores to facilitate this task.


Scan your Samsung TV for viruses

Samsung Smart TVs have a function to search for malicious programs and the company recommends periodically activating them.

samsung smart tv

In our homes there are more and more devices connected to the Internet. At first it was computers, then mobiles, tablets, video game consoles … until, little by little, other everyday objects also began to have intelligent functions, such as televisions.