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How to completely erase a conversation from WhatsApp

One of the most frequent and most worrying inquiries we receive is whether the conversations with WhatsApp that have already been deleted can be recovered in some way.

Cómo borrar completamente una conversación del Whatsapp

We know that the application makes backup copies of our chats and that from there it is possible to recover conversations maintained in the past, as long as they are stored in those copies.

What many people want is to permanently eliminate conversations so that nobody can ever read them. The reasons for procuring this privacy are usually related to the fear of espionage by someone close to them, but also to the fact that they use the application to talk about absolutely personal and compromising topics, something that is not advisable when dealing with means that work through Internet.


I do not want my Facebook name to appear in the search engines

At some point we may have searched our name on Google or another Internet search engine and found our Facebook profile as one of the first results shown. We must know that this possibility is configurable from the privacy options of this well-known social network.

No quiero que aparezca mi nombre de Facebook en los buscadores

Some readers of our blog have sometimes asked us about this apparent lack of privacy, since anyone who searches for your name will find your Facebook profile easily. Let’s see how to configure the privacy options of the social network so that our name does not appear in the search engines if we wish.


Why doesn’t my Messenger message arrive if he appears active?

Messenger is an instant messaging service spread all over the world. It comes from the old Facebook chat that was separated to be used independently on mobile devices, thus creating a specific application.

As with all instant messaging services, users encounter delicate situations that raise suspicions. Knowing if someone is connected, if they have read our message, if it takes a long time to connect or respond, etc., are common situations that we all know and that can exasperate many.

Por qué no le llega mi mensaje de Messenger si aparece activo

One of the questions that Messenger users ask the most, according to the questions that our readers ask us, is:

“How is it possible that I send a Messenger message to a person who appears connected and yet it never arrives?”