Google Toontastic 3d, children’s application to create movies

Google just released Toontastic 3d, a new application for mobile devices aimed at children. It is a creative tool that allows you to make small movies with animated characters in 3D, very attractive for kids and simple to use. It features this home page and is available for both the Android system and iOS as well as Chromebooks.

Google Toontastic 3d, aplicación infantil para crear películas

The children are real experts in the use of our tablets and phones. Google knows this and therefore makes efforts to create content appropriate to their ages. We have already talked about other interesting initiatives, such as Youtube Kids or its programming platform for children Coding with Chrome.

On this occasion their proposal is oriented to the creation of animated stories in 3D, movies that we can then play on any device or even upload to YouTube.

We will only have to install the application and start our story. We will see that we can choose from a multitude of interactive scenarios to which we will add the most varied characters. Stories can have several scenes, but each of them should not exceed the minute of duration.

Google Toontastic 3d, aplicación infantil para crear películas

In each scene we can animate the characters by moving them with our finger, changing their size, causing them to activate their own movement and if we choose the full or complete mode, even by moving their limbs. The characters are many and we also can customize them. In most of them we can even add our face taken from our camera. In addition we can create our own characters with a drawing editor.

Google Toontastic 3d, aplicación infantil para crear películas

In the scenes, which we record in a shot, we must move the characters by the chosen stage at the same time that we are recording audio as dialogue or as storytelling. The scenarios are also varied and we can move the characters through them, even at various heights. At the end, when we finish the recording, it will allow us to choose some background music.

If everything is to our liking, the application will create a video with title and credits at the end that we can save, share or upload to YouTube.

The application is completely free and is available in official stores, and it is all in English, at least for now. In reality it is not a problem, since the whole operation is very graphic and certainly does not pose any difficulties for children. In addition, it can become a fun way to learn some vocabulary in English.

It works well on powerful devices, it is quite demanding in memory and processor capacity. Better to use state-of-the-art phones and, if possible, tablets, where it interacts more easily.