Security On Air

Just a month ago, we celebrated in Hijos Digitales our sixth anniversary. While it is a joy to see how our "little ones" grow and mature, it is in equal measure to celebrate the birth of new members of the family. Today we are writing to you, avid readers of our blog, to announce the  eginning of a new project within the scope of the diffusion of cybersecurity. This is Security On Air.

Security On Air

As the most insightful have been able to deduce (both by the name and by the logo), it is a radio program broadcast over the Internet. Put another way: a podcast about cybersecurity. Their duration will be around 15-20 minutes (so they can listen to it on the way to the office or add it to the playlist while doing some sport) and their frequency will be monthly.

The format of the program is intended for all audiences to hear, without the need for specific technical knowledge in the field. We will try that the contents treated are of interest to the public in general. Our goal is that they can make the program their own and that together we can model it. Therefore, we look forward to your suggestions through the social networks as you all know: @Securityartwork e @hijosdigitales.

In general, the program will have the following sections:

  • Review of the most important cybersecurity news of the month (in case they have lost track and lost something).
  • Block of questions and answers (to give solution to the few doubts that you can have).
  • Cultural section (you already know that technique and art can also go hand in hand).
  • Interview (new guests will share with us a few minutes of conversation).

You can find the new episodes in the “Security On Air” section of the S2 Grupo websitethe IVOOX podcasting platform and of course, in this blog.

Ladies and gentlemen, we invite you to listen to the podcast about cybersecurity in Spanish called to be, soon, a reference in this area. Humility aside, we hope you enjoy it and accompany us on the journey that we have just undertaken.