Fallas and cybersecurity come together for the first time in history

The first cyber-falla in history or cybersecurity Falla is already a reality.

Since yesterday and coinciding with the day of the “plantá” of the Fallas, the Children’s Falla sponsored by S2 Grupo has been exhibited. This company, specialized in computer security and based in Valencia, is responsible for this blog.

La primera Falla sobre ciberseguridad

La primera Falla sobre ciberseguridad

The children’s monument is already public and can be seen for free when visiting the Falla at the intersection of the streets Chiva & Francisco de Llano.

Hurry up, as all Falla monuments, it will irremediably turn into ashes on March 19 at night!

The Falla in Googlr Maps:

The monument tries to raise awareness among the population about the importance of using technologies in a safe way to avoid being a victim of cybercrime, one of the biggest problems that currently affect both individuals and small companies and large companies around the world.

It covers up to nine different topics related to cybersecurity on which it provides advice in a clear and fun way. It does this through videos that can be viewed on any mobile device. In these videos, it is the youth of Falla Chiva-Francisco de Llano who explain the current cybersecurity problems and the solutions to combat them.

The Falla treats these topics with cute “ninots” that accompany QR codes. These codes, read by the devices, show small videos of approximately one minute duration with explanations about cybersecurity amusing and understandable by all audiences.

The topics covered are, for example, the privacy of passwords, cyberbullying, techno addictions, phishing, social networks, etc.

We can watch the videos on YouTube. We leave them here so that all those who do not have the chance to go by the Falla can also see them:


Digital Fauna 



Social networks





The offering 4.0 to the Virgen de los Desamparados

In addition to the mentioned fallero monument, S2 Grupo has launched this other initiative that allows any Valencian who is anywhere in the world to participate by making his offering in Valencia, one of the most commemorative events of the Fallas. The development of this project has consisted in the creation of a web page through which you can leave the messages that you want to transfer in the form of an offering that day. Once the time has come, a book will be prepared in which all the comments that have been made will be collected and the Falla Chiva-Francisco de Llano will be in charge of taking it along with the flowers when they parade in the Offering on March 18th.

La primera Falla sobre ciberseguridad