Become aware

In this new post we want to introduce you to the new awareness web site concienciaTBut we could not tell you about this web of awareness, without first introducing you to who is behind that web. This is an initiative of CSIRT-CV(Center for Response to incidents and cybersecurity of the Valencian Community) which, as it appears on its website, “is born as a commitment of the Generalitat Valenciana to security in the network” offering its services to citizens, SMEs and Public Administrations of the Valencian Community.

Given the objective of training and raising awareness of the site, from our blog we want to make public concienciaT so that you have another reference when you want to look for any information related to cybersecurity.


ConcienciaT is divided into several sections. Upon entering the new portal the publication of two videos draws attention, which make us see the risks to which we can expose our data when we surf the Internet. We recommend that you see them because they are very instructive and fun.

As for the sections that we can find on the website we want to highlight the Infographics section. In this section we can find, in a very didactic and visual way, different security tips.

Moving through the sections of the website, we find a section that is sure to be very interesting, it is the training courses. These courses are aimed at citizens and focused on improving habits and knowledge in the field of information security. The courses cover different subjects related to security in its different aspects, in this way we can find courses related to technical security (use of tools, technologies used…), such as organizational security (legislation, standards and good practices). The courses are offered through the online training platform of the Generalitat (SAPS?), where all the necessary technological infrastructure for a correct online training is offered: forums, resources store, chat and videoconference with the tutor, among others. In the section of Security Tips you can find among other resources, links to other pages that will also offer you very interesting information related to cybersecurity.

Finally, we find the section of Guides and reports, the objective of this section is to publish guides and reports on trends in cybersecurity that will serve to expand your knowledge in the field.

The information that will be published in the portal will be oriented to all public, levels and ages and will be published from basic contents understandable by all, to tool guides oriented to security analysts.

The new portal, concienciat.gva.eswill complement and coexist with the CSIRT-CV website, www.csirtcv.gva.eswhere it will be possible to continue consulting the news about cyber threats and ICT risks, and that will remain the point of contact within the Valencian Community to report incidents or request the investigation of incidents.

Through the new portal you can also contact the team of CSIRT-CV, for the resolution of doubts and queries. They will surely be happy to help you.

We hope you enjoy the visit