Tumblr, social network of humor, creativity and trends

Tumblr is a particular type of social network that is based on small blogs and where we can publish a lot of different formats. Unlike regular blogs, posts here are always short and allow other users to interact without any limitations.

Tumblr, red social del humor, la creatividad y las tendencias

It is then defined as a social network of microblogging, where we can publish texts, images, gifs, videos, links, quotes or audio in our space. Other users can comment on our publication, republish it on their own Tumblrblog, hit “like” or share it on other social networks.

The posts that are published lack long texts, they are not long articles or long explanations. They tend to be more like tweets, with a good dose of creativity and almost always accompanied by images of any kind.

Of course, like any social network that prides itself, has its versions in the form of mobile applications for both Android and iOS, both with several million users.

Although Tumblr may seem like a social network not as widespread as others we know well, the fact is that it currently has almost 800 million active users worldwide, virtually the same as Instagram.

Your children probably use Tumblr

Tumblr is one of the largest sources of memes, videos and animated gifs that circulate on other social networks. Many of the jokes, funny videos and montages of all kinds that we receive via WhatsApp or other media have their origin in this original social network. It gathers all the qualities necessary for users to publish their creations and quickly become viral.

Any “addict” to the Internet and social networks uses Tumblr as an inexhaustible source of humor. It borrows its content to share it with others and thus be more original.

Tumblr, red social del humor, la creatividad y las tendencias

Such is the influence that it seems to have on younger boys and girls that arises what is known as the Tumblr trend. It is not easy to define, since it covers both the style of dress, decoration, way of life, in short, the way you see things. There is more to search the Internet expressions such as “tumblr trend” or “tumblr style” to see that there is much written on the subject.

As in almost all social networks, the minimum age to register and use one of their accounts is 13 in most countries, 14 in Spain (now 16 in the EU or the minimum age established by each country).

But as we can suppose, the controls to prevent minors from registering have no effect, even if they try to convince them with messages like this in their conditions of use:

You may think it’s okay because you’re almost that age, but we’re sorry to say that’s not enough. If you’re not old enough, do not use Tumblr. Better ask your parents for a PlayStation 4 or try reading books.

It is not a social network for minors

None of the most widespread social networks of today is suitable for minors and this will not be an exception. However, it will not be possible to prevent them from accessing or even registering their content, so in this case, not only will they be able to see all their content, but they may even post on their own blog.

The best thing we can do is to explain the risks of using one of these social networks open to the whole world and to help them understand that what they will find there is not, in many cases, appropriate for their age. It is therefore necessary to know how Tumblr works and the contents that circulate through it in order to guide and advise the youngsters who venture to use it. The best thing will be to create an account as well and start exploring.

  • EVERYTHING is published there. We find witty ideas, absurd and intelligent humor, the latest trend in fashion, music, mp3, artistic creations, design of what we want, etc.
  • But there is also porno, violence, spaces dedicated to fostering anorexia, self-harm, drugs, alcohol, weapons, etc.

Tumblr, red social del humor, la creatividad y las tendencias

  • The content is totally free of restrictions, you can publish whatever you want.
  • It is also free of restrictions to republish and share through any other channel.
  • The anonymity of the people who publish can be total, at least for other users.
  • Chat conversations with strangers are possible, increasing the risk of deception and leakage of personal and sensitive information of the minor and family.