How to view WhatsApp stories without appearing as viewed

This is one of the most frequent questions our readers ask us related to the image stories of WhatsApp. And is that social networks in general and messaging services, such as WhatsApp, lend a lot to suspicion.

Cómo ver los estados de Whatsapp sin que aparezcan como vistos

We often intend to follow up on what someone shares publicly on the Internet but at the same time we want to hide the interest we have in it, especially the one being watched.

The stories of photos and videos of WhatsApp are, in many occasions, a good way to find out about the life of those who publish them. If that person is active with these stories, it is easy for him to publish even more than one journal, with which he can provide information on his appearance, his activities, where he is, with whom he meets often, etc.

But the question is, how to find out all those details of his life without him knowing that we are viewing them.

How we check who sees our stories

As we know, if we publish one of those stories on WhatsApp that only last 24 hours, we can return to it before it disappears to know who has seen it.

To check who has seen our story, we just have to open it and click on the small lower icon with an eye shape.

Cómo ver los estados de Whatsapp sin que aparezcan como vistos

In the drop-down list we will see all our contacts who have entered to view our story.

The interest of many people is that they want to see someone’s story without appearing on that list.

View stories without them knowing

From the very WhatsApp application we can set it so that we do not appear on the list of people who have read a story.

To do this, we have to deactivate the reading confirmation in our privacy options before opening the state we want to see incognito.

We’ll find it in WhatsApp Settings> Account> Privacy.

Cómo ver los estados de Whatsapp sin que aparezcan como vistos

As simple as that. If we inactivate it, we will not appear on the list of those who read the stories.

But keep in mind that inactivating this option also means giving up the double blue mark that indicates in our individual chats whether a message has been read or not. Both in our messages and in those of others.

So if we only want to momentarily hide the viewing of a story, we have to go to that function of privacy and inactivate it. We can activate it later and even return to see the story after activating it, because once seen for the first time without the confirmation of reading, it will no longer appear as read even if we see it more times.

N.B., the latter is only valid for Android phones. If we view a story without the confirmation of reading on an iPhone and then activate it, whoever has shared the story can know that we have seen it.

Application to see stories without appearing as read

If the possibility of seeing stories covertly is something that we do often, perhaps the option to remove the reading confirmation does not convince us, if we do not want to renounce it in the chats.

We can then use an application that allows you to see them and even save them on your phone to see them even if they disappear later.

The application is Story Saver for Whatsapp and it is available in the official store for Android.

Cómo ver los estados de Whatsapp sin que aparezcan como vistos

If we access Recent Stories we will see the stories of our contacts, they will not receive the confirmation of us having seen them and we will be able to download them in the memory of our phone in case we want to view them later.

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