Guide for Promoting the Responsible Use of Technology in the Family Environment

Orange and S2 Grupo have collaborated in the creation of the Guide on the Responsible Use of Technology in the Family Environment, presented last June in Madrid by The Club of Excellence in Sustainability.

Guía para Fomentar el Uso Responsable de la Tecnología en el Entorno Familiar

The Excellence in Sustainability Club is a business association composed of a group of nineteen large companies (*) that are committed to sustainable growth from an economic, social and environmental point of view, constituting the reference forum in Spain in the dissemination and promotion of responsible practices.

The Guide to promote the responsible use of technology in the family environment is intended to be a tool for companies to raise awareness among their employees in the initiation of their children in the digital environment. It includes a series of good business practices that illustrate the best initiatives in the area.

Rocío Miranda de Larra, Director of CSR and Sustainability at Orange, was in charge of presenting the Guide together with José Miguel Rosell, CEO of S2 GrupoRocío Miranda pointed out that the Guide is another bet of Orange for the promotion of the secure and responsible use of technology, this time focusing on employees and their families. For his part, José Miguel Rosell stressed that “it is clear that we are suffering and witnessing a continuous growth of cybersecurity incidents both in quantity and quality” and that this requires immediate action.

During the event, possible risks arising from the use of technology were exposed through a practical demonstration by Andrés Núñez, Madrid Director of S2 Grupo. This practical demonstration showed how cyber-attacks can have implications for the use of technology in the home and how they can also affect the corporate environment.

The rapid evolution of ICTs and their massive use has generated a change in social habits, especially among young people, which has led to the addition of a technological gap to the generation gap. The Excellence in Sustainability Club presents this methodological and awareness-raising guide for medium and large companies of transversal activity sectors and their workers, so that they can accompany their children in the digital environment.

In it we find useful information related to such interesting key issues as:

  • The challenges that parents must face
  • How should families face the new digital challenges?
  • Challenges that children face
  • Recommendations to prevent risks known as: cyberbullying, sexting, identity theft, grooming, gambling, etc…

The challenge of raising awareness among employees

In general, most organizations are directly or indirectly immersed in the process of digital transformation that society is experiencing. This reality makes them increasingly aware of how a problem derived from the misuse or abuse of the technology that supports their business processes can have a drastic impact.

For this reason, they make great efforts to improve their technological infrastructure and to have the necessary technical resources for their operation and maintenance. These are undoubtedly appropriate measures, but of little use if, in the end, employees make irresponsible use of the technologies available to them to perform their functions or do not know how to deal with cyber-attacks, which may affect the continuity of the business of the organization.

All employees and not only technical teams play an important role in the proper use of technology and the information handled through them. But do employees have enough knowledge? Do they receive information from their companies on how to act? Faced with this scenario, organizations face the challenge of making all their employees aware of the responsible use of technology, with the aim of involving them in the adoption of good practices.

Good business practices

n the publication you can find different examples of business initiatives of responsible use of technology such as the production of educational videos for employees, practical workshops for employees and their children, and the dissemination of weekly newsletters and blogs, with tips and practices to strengthen technology security in the company and at home, among others.

Orange Spain has launched different projects focused on the secure use of new technologies, such as the volunteering of employees who once trained by Educalike give talks in their children’s schools with the aim of raising awareness among children about the safe use of ICT. Or theFor a love use of technology’ campaign, aimed at generating debate within the family on issues such as cyberbullying, sexting, sharenting, illegal content, etc.

On the other hand, S2 GRUPO, a national reference company in the field of Cybersecurity and Cyber-intelligence, since its inception has opted for the dissemination of information and knowledge through its Security Art Work blog and this very one, Hijos Digitales.


The Guide to promote the responsible use of technology in the family environment can be downloaded from this page of the Excellence in Sustainability Club.

(*) The companies that make up the Excellence in Sustainability Club are: ABB in Spain, Adecco Spain, AENA, BASF Spanish, B/S/H Electrodomésticos Spain, CEMEX Spain, Correos, Endesa, FCC, Grupo ANTOLIN, Mahou San Miguel , Iberdrola, ISS Facility Services, Orange Spain, Saint-Gobain Placo, Red Eléctrica de España, Renault España, SEAT and Vodafone Spain.