Scan your Samsung TV for viruses

Samsung Smart TVs have a function to search for malicious programs and the company recommends periodically activating them.

samsung smart tv

In our homes there are more and more devices connected to the Internet. At first it was computers, then mobiles, tablets, video game consoles … until, little by little, other everyday objects also began to have intelligent functions, such as televisions.

All connected objects, whether tablets, refrigerators, clocks or Smart TVs, are susceptible to malware, i.e., malicious programs. Simply because they are connected to the Internet. But, in addition, some people hack these devices in order to install premium applications or apps that are not part of the device you have at home. This increases the chance of infection.

Sometimes, cyber-attacks on companies can also compromise our devices. We do not know if this has been the case at Samsung recently, but the company has recommended its users to use the scan function in search of malware on their Samsung Smart TV.

How to scan the antivirus on a Samsung Smart TV?

The Korean company has published a Tweet explaining the need to activate the antivirus periodically to keep the Samsung Smart TVs safe from malware. However, few users know how to do this.

To scan the smart TV, go to the General configuration and select System Manager. Once in that section, choose Smart Security and proceed to scan by selecting the Scan option.

Currently, this virus scan is not an automatic option and is user-dependent. However, it is a very useful feature not yet available on all smart devices.