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Wave of phishing attempts to impersonate Banco Santander

During these last few weeks there has been a massive attempt to deceive the user by the phishing method, posing as Banco Santander.

Through a message that comes to us by email they make us believe that we have some pending action and they offer us a link so that we automatically enter the access page to said bank. Of course, the link takes us to a page that pretends to be the one of the bank, but that is really FALSE.

This is the mail that is massively being sent out.

Oleada de intentos de suplantación del Banco Santander o phishing


It’s not a DGT fine, it’s a hoax to steal your passwords

Cybercriminals attempt to infect computers by simulating a notification of a DGT fine. When you download it, a malware tries to steal the passwords of the victims of this phishing.

multa de la dgt

Phishing attacks are the most used by cybercriminals to steal data from users. In fact, according to the latest Email Fraud Landscape report, more than 6,400 fraudulent, fake or dangerous emails are sent every day. Many of them are phishing attacks.


Be careful with online purchases during Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The sales fever during the so-called Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday only increases year after year.

This American custom of launching irresistible offers on the dates following Thanksgiving Day and which serve as a starting signal for Christmas shopping has already been established around the world. All stores, department stores and online shopping portals offer important discounts that usually start even a week before Black Friday itself and end the following Monday or Cyber Monday.

Be careful with online purchases during Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Those who seek to enrich themselves through the Internet by deception and fraud know that these days online sales increase remarkably and therefore they are now increasing their efforts to develop more methods to con as many unsuspecting people as possible on the Internet.


Fallas and cybersecurity come together for the first time in history

The first cyber-falla in history or cybersecurity Falla is already a reality.

Since yesterday and coinciding with the day of the “plantá” of the Fallas, the Children’s Falla sponsored by S2 Grupo has been exhibited. This company, specialized in computer security and based in Valencia, is responsible for this blog.

La primera Falla sobre ciberseguridad


Can you buy medications online?

Recently, an illegal drug distribution network in Spain that sold more than 60 types of different products through the Internet has been dismantled. These drugs came from clandestine Asian laboratories and arrived in Spain from India through a parcel service located in the Port of Santa María (Cádiz).

Se pueden comprar medicamentos por Internet

Most of them were marketed as products for erectile dysfunction and for weight loss, but their composition will not be known until the corresponding authorities perform the necessary chemical analyses.


Attempt to swindle when selling through PayPal

We already know that we must be very careful to avoid scams when shopping on the Internet. But beware, the fraudsters’ ingenuity means that we can even be deceived when we try to make a sale using the PayPal payment method.

Intento de estafa al vender por medio de PayPal

Fake buyers check ads in the different Internet shopping sites where we publish our second-hand or new items and contact us. They send us any type of message showing interest in our article and proposing payment via PayPal.



pensandoIn view of the avalanche of technical terms related to the world of social networks and the Internet, we will try to make a glossary that will allow us to become familiar with them, using the
clearest possible language.

Of course it is open to continuous updating, so we invite our readers to propose new technicalities to be included in the list.

It is a periodically updated website that chronologically compiles texts or articles of one or more authors, the most recent appearing first, where the author always retains the freedom to leave what he deems appropriate. This English term blog or weblog comes from the words web and log (‘log’ in English = diary).

Use Bluetooth devices to connect or find a partner. Unlike toothing is done with people who have previously registered in the same contact service.

Where to find other users of a blue-dating service.

Also known as cyber bullying. Use of telematic means (Internet, mobile telephony and video games mainly online) to exert psychological harassment between equals. It is not strictly sexual harassment or abuse or cases involving adults.