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Are you looking for a way to spy on the Whatsapp? Don’t be fooled!

If you’ve come here because you’re looking for methods to spy on someone else’s WhatsApp conversations, you’re probably interested in reading this article in its entirety.

The Internet is full of information about how to spy other WhatsApp accounts. Pages and applications for mobile phones that promise to do so are multiplying on the Internet. All you have to do is search with terms like “spy WhatsApp” to get thousands of results with every kind of information, most of them deceptive and sometimes, even malicious.

Buscas cómo espiar el Whatsapp. Que no te engañen


If you use Twitter, reinforce the security of your account right now

Twitter has recently launched a warning to all users encouraging us to change our account password because they have detected a security problem.

In this article from their official blog, they explain in some detail what has happened to them. In short, what has happened is that they have discovered by themselves that their users’ passwords were stored somewhere accessible to the members of the company without any protection.

Si usas Twitter refuerza ya mismo la seguridad de tu cuenta

A secure system is what keeps our passwords encrypted, i.e., transformed into a random series of numbers and letters that we cannot interpret. Only advanced computer decryption techniques allow us to compare those stored passwords with those we write, but no one can read them.


Mobile malware, the big business of cybercriminals

Mobile malware has been the threat that has provided the most money to cybercriminals in recent times, as attacks through this malicious software are able to remain hidden for longer periods of time, compared to attacks against computers (ransomware). This is the conclusion drawn by experts from the security firm Check Point, who point out that Judy, a virus that infected millions of Android smartphones last year, thanks to its presence in more than 40 applications of the Play Store, remained operational during one year, while WannaCry, for example, did not exceed the month.

Malware móvil, el gran negocio de los ciberdelincuentes