Are you looking for a way to spy on the Whatsapp? Don’t be fooled!

If you’ve come here because you’re looking for methods to spy on someone else’s WhatsApp conversations, you’re probably interested in reading this article in its entirety.

The Internet is full of information about how to spy other WhatsApp accounts. Pages and applications for mobile phones that promise to do so are multiplying on the Internet. All you have to do is search with terms like “spy WhatsApp” to get thousands of results with every kind of information, most of them deceptive and sometimes, even malicious.

Buscas cómo espiar el Whatsapp. Que no te engañen

Most seek deception

Many users, moved by the temptation to spy on other accounts, follow the instructions on a page that claims to have found a way to provide us with other people’s conversations on WhatsApp.

But we should know that the company responsible for this messaging service has made great efforts to keep its system secure, such as the incorporation of end-to-end encryption, which makes it very difficult for the systems attempting to intercept conversations to succeed.

Even so, we will find many websites and for mobile phone applications that claim to provide an infallible method of spying on them.

If we fall into temptation and decide to try some of the proposals they offer, of course we will not be able to download any outside conversation. In addition, we are likely to encounter some of these problems:

  • We’ll just waste our time
  • They will ask us for our email address and, at the very least, we will be victims of spam. If we provide our password, our account will be stolen
  • We will be asked to download and install a program or application that will steal as much information as possible.
  • We will be victims of some malicious program that will spy on us, hijack our computer, undermine cryptocurrencies or any other computer maliciousness
  • We will be victims of a Premium SMS service with which we will be charged a fixed monthly amount until we are able to unsubscribe
  • They will ask us to pay a small amount of money in advance that will only turn out to be a scam

Although these fraudulent systems may be clear scams for the victims, the truth is that very few or no one dares to report them. There are a couple of reasons that lead to ignoring the scam and not reporting it, on the one hand, the amounts involved are usually very small, and on the other, and more importantly, who is encouraged to report that we were scammed when what we wanted to do is illegal?

Attention: It is worth remembering that trying to access someone else’s private conversations, regardless of the medium, is not only quite immoral, but also illegal and is considered a CRIME.

Tips so as not to get spied on

Although, as mentioned above, spying on WhatsApp is really complicated, it is not entirely impossible. No program downloaded over the Internet or miraculous application installed on the phone will be able to directly spy a third party WhatsApp account.

But there are more sophisticated means that could facilitate it, although all of them need the intruder to have access to our device and/or know important data like our registered user on the phone and the password, the MAC number that identifies it, the possibility of cloning the SIM card, etc.

However, one of the simplest and most used methods to spy on people close to you is the use of Whatsapp Web. We can easily stay safe from this method, as we explained in this article.

  • To maximize the security of our WhatsApp we must follow these tips:
    • We will not let anyone use our phone without our control
    • We must use an effective and secret screen lock so that nobody can use it without us knowing
    • We will not connect to potentially insecure Wi-Fi networks and we will provide as much security as possible to our own by changing the access password that comes by default.

    One of the most effective mechanisms to avoid being spied on is the use of the two-step verification that WhatsApp incorporated long ago.

  • If we believe that we may have a spy application on our device, the best solution is to restore it to the factory state.

If we still have clear evidence that someone is spying on us, we should report it to the police. Specialized cybercrime departments can help us avoid it and locate the attacker.