Reading a lot on the phone increases up to nine unwanted eye symptoms

The current habit of being “hooked” to our phones continuously can cause eye discomfort. Reading on these small backlit screens affects our view differently than reading printed paper. To discover how this new habit affects, so widespread in the whole population, the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) has carried out a detailed study that has recently been published.

Leer mucho en el teléfono aumenta hasta nueve síntomas oculares no deseados

The study analyzes the eye health effects of prolonged reading on these electronic devices compared to paper and whether the level of these symptoms changes if read in the dark.


Protect your Wi-Fi network with MAC filtering

MAC filtering is a tool available on most Wi-Fi routers to limit the use of our network to unwanted computers and thus increase the security of our personal, family or business network.

Protege tu red Wifi con el filtrado MAC

If we want to strengthen the security of our network, whether or not we suspect that someone is connecting without our permission, in addition to the main protection measure that would be changing the access password for a different and more complicated one, we can set another type of limitation through this tool from our router.


The FBI requests worldwide that we restart our routers for security reasons

A virus has been distributed worldwide that affects the router devices that provide us with Internet connection at home and in offices. According to the FBI, it is a cyber-attack from Russian hackers that would have affected more than 500,000 devices of this type spread around the world.

El FBI pide a nivel mundial que reiniciemos los routers por seguridad

The scope has been so extraordinary that the FBI itself has disseminated worldwide recommendations that all those potentially affected should do. It does not affect all brands and models and apparently, the objective of this attack has already been neutralized. It no longer represents an imminent danger, however, they recommend that we perform a factory reset on the possibly affected models.


Google launches Family Link, its own parental control for mobile devices

Family Link is a free Google service designed for parents to monitor their children’s activity when they use their mobile devices. Now, children under 13 (or the corresponding age in their country) can have their own Google account on a mobile device, but it will work under the supervision of one or both parents.

Google lanza Family Link, su propio control parental para dispositivos móviles

This service has been operating in the USA for at least a year, but now being launched for Spain and a large number of countries around the world. If you want to know if your country is included in the list of allowed countries, visit this page.


Tumblr, social network of humor, creativity and trends

Tumblr is a particular type of social network that is based on small blogs and where we can publish a lot of different formats. Unlike regular blogs, posts here are always short and allow other users to interact without any limitations.

Tumblr, red social del humor, la creatividad y las tendencias

It is then defined as a social network of microblogging, where we can publish texts, images, gifs, videos, links, quotes or audio in our space. Other users can comment on our publication, republish it on their own Tumblrblog, hit “like” or share it on other social networks.


Now with Gmail we can send more secure emails that even self-destruct

Google has recently updated one of its well-known star services, the Gmail email manager on the Internet. It is possible that on the dates when we publish this article it still will not have been massively extended to all users, but it will be enough to open the configuration menu to activate it and enjoy the new features it includes.

Ahora con Gmail podemos enviar correos mucho más seguros

If we have not yet activated this new version of Gmail, we just have to open it and click on ‘Test the new Gmail’ that we will see at the top of the drop-down list when we click on the sprocket icon.


If you use Twitter, reinforce the security of your account right now

Twitter has recently launched a warning to all users encouraging us to change our account password because they have detected a security problem.

In this article from their official blog, they explain in some detail what has happened to them. In short, what has happened is that they have discovered by themselves that their users’ passwords were stored somewhere accessible to the members of the company without any protection.

Si usas Twitter refuerza ya mismo la seguridad de tu cuenta

A secure system is what keeps our passwords encrypted, i.e., transformed into a random series of numbers and letters that we cannot interpret. Only advanced computer decryption techniques allow us to compare those stored passwords with those we write, but no one can read them.


Sugar Daddy, Sugar Baby and other terms of “paid” online dating

These expressions in English are common for those who experiment through social networks aimed at picking up someone. They are used in online platforms, usually through mobile applications, aimed at meeting people and making dates. But they are specific to a certain type of relationship, those that are established in order to receive something in return.

Sugar Daddy, Sugar Baby y otros términos de las citas online remuneradas

Yes, it is what it seems, or not, depending on who argues. But in essence it is to offer an escort service to another person (the limit must be agreed in advance) expecting to receive something in return, usually money, but not necessarily.


Become aware

In this new post we want to introduce you to the new awareness web site concienciaTBut we could not tell you about this web of awareness, without first introducing you to who is behind that web. This is an initiative of CSIRT-CV(Center for Response to incidents and cybersecurity of the Valencian Community) which, as it appears on its website, “is born as a commitment of the Generalitat Valenciana to security in the network” offering its services to citizens, SMEs and Public Administrations of the Valencian Community.

Given the objective of training and raising awareness of the site, from our blog we want to make public concienciaT so that you have another reference when you want to look for any information related to cybersecurity.


ConcienciaT is divided into several sections. Upon entering the new portal the publication of two videos draws attention, which make us see the risks to which we can expose our data when we surf the Internet. We recommend that you see them because they are very instructive and fun.


WhatsApp limits its use to children under 16, but …

As we update our WhatsApp application during these days, we will all be getting a notice about the new conditions that we must accept. The biggest novelty that we will find is the obligation to declare that we are at least 16 years old. It is an essential requirement to continue using the service.

Whatsapp limita su uso a menores de 16 años, pero…

This change in the conditions of use is due to the imminent entry into force of the new General Regulation of Data Protection (RGPD) of the European Union (EU), which will take effect from May 25 on.