Fallas and cybersecurity come together for the first time in history

The first cyber-falla in history or cybersecurity Falla is already a reality.

Since yesterday and coinciding with the day of the “plantá” of the Fallas, the Children’s Falla sponsored by S2 Grupo has been exhibited. This company, specialized in computer security and based in Valencia, is responsible for this blog.

La primera Falla sobre ciberseguridad


On the Internet, several cases of pedophilia continue to be discovered

We know that on the Internet you can find perverse contents of all kinds, such as information for manufacturing explosives, promoting the radicalization of terrorists or for making weapons with 3D printers. But one of the most striking, just to show the extent to which human degeneration arrives, is that of pedophilia.

The traffic of images and videos showing sexual content of and with minors is, apparently, much more common than we might think. In a police operation carried out in Spain last February a large number of people were arrested who shared, stored and even created this type of content.

En Internet sigue se siguen descubriendo numerosos casos de pedofilia


Check the Internet passwords you have saved in your browser

The browsers, with the intention of facilitating the navigation experience, provide us with the possibility of storing passwords so that we do not need to write them whenever they are requested, the browser itself will write them for us and access automatically.

Comprueba las contraseñas de Internet que has guardado en tu navegador

Obviously it is a function that provides comfort to the user but poses a risk to their security, since anyone who could use our computer could access the services we have saved without any problems.


Can you buy medications online?

Recently, an illegal drug distribution network in Spain that sold more than 60 types of different products through the Internet has been dismantled. These drugs came from clandestine Asian laboratories and arrived in Spain from India through a parcel service located in the Port of Santa María (Cádiz).

Se pueden comprar medicamentos por Internet

Most of them were marketed as products for erectile dysfunction and for weight loss, but their composition will not be known until the corresponding authorities perform the necessary chemical analyses.


Beware of adding people without their permission in WhatsApp groups

We cannot add people in a WhatsApp group without their permission. This has been made clear by the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (AEPD), according to this resolution issued against a Town Hall that wanted to use this medium to send informative circulars to its neighbors.

Cuidado con añadir personas sin su permiso en grupos de Whatsapp

It happened last month in a small municipality called Boecillo, located in the province of Valladolid (Spain), although the events took place throughout last year. The mayor of the town decided to create one of these groups in the well-known application of WhatsApp in order to send circulars to citizens. In this way, the information would arrive immediately and comfortably to all of them, which a priori seemed like a great idea. The total number of components in the group was 256 contacts, the maximum amount accepted by this platform in the creation of groups.


Wave of phishing attempts to impersonate Banco Santander

During these last few weeks there has been a massive attempt to deceive the user by the phishing method, posing as Banco Santander.

Through a message that comes to us by email they make us believe that we have some pending action and they offer us a link so that we automatically enter the access page to said bank. Of course, the link takes us to a page that pretends to be the one of the bank, but that is really FALSE.

This is the mail that is massively being sent out.

Oleada de intentos de suplantación del Banco Santander o phishing


Games for children about Christmas on Android

If there is something that dominates children it is a current mobile device, be it a phone or a tablet. At Christmas they have a lot of free time, in which they will use these devices to a greater or lesser extent. The time spent will depend on the age and, above all, on how permissive the parents are.

Games for children about Christmas on Android

For those times when we decide to “lend them” our phone or tablet, there is a large number of games and activities related to Christmas. They will surely have many fun times with them, and it will help them feel immersed in the Christmas atmosphere of these dates.


Tips for setting up children’s first phone

At this time there will be many children who receive their first mobile phone as a gift. Surely parents will find the need to configure it so they can use it for the first time.

Consejos para configurar el primer teléfono de un niño

Helping children in that first configuration and explaining the reasons for choosing one or another option can be fundamental to improve the security of the device and of the child himself in the future.

Let’s see the main steps we must take and how to configure them so that our son or daughter can use their first mobile phone with the appropriate security measures.


Activity and social sport registration sites: another threat to privacy

aking advantage of the consumer whirlwind of Black Friday I bought the coolest heart rate monitor that I could afford from the brand I consider as the best in heart rate monitors, I did not compare prices, I did not read references, I did not even ask the friends who have it, I wanted a heart rate monitor period, I went to the website with the orange smile (amazon) and clicked.

I received it today and as a good technophile that I am, I was not able to keep it in the box for 5 minutes. I immediately connected it and charged it. Lunch time is approaching and I must go to the park to try it out.

Browsing on the manufacturer’s website I click on the “Explore” section and I see a lot of routes and I think: “that’s it, another web of challenges”.

It’s lunchtime, I put on my sport shoes and start my sloppy jog through the river park to the displeasure of those who expected to enjoy the views of the City of Arts and Sciences (Valencia), when I cannot take it anymore, I press the magic button that makes the heart rate monitor connect to my mobile and send the data to the cloud … I’ll check it at home.


Protect your files even from ransomware with Windows 10

Attacks with ransomware virus have become infamous for the disastrous consequences it has for computers (their files) and for the tremendous impact they have had in recent cases, such as the one known as “WannaCry”. The result of these infections is always the hijacking of information, that is, the encryption of all the content of the computer and its possible recovery in exchange for paying some money as a ransom to the attacker.

Protege tus archivos incluso del ransomware con Windows 10

From the version known as “Fall Creators Update” or also known as version 1709, the protection system of Windows 10 has a tool capable of protecting entire folders in order that no program can modify its files unless we give it express authorization.