“Snipping” is Windows’ tool for taking screenshots

Snipping Tool is a program included in Windows for some years now and whose function is to provide with screenshots on our computer. Although there are versions that work from Windows Vista, the truth is that many people have never used it or even know it.

Recortes es la herramienta de Windows para hacer capturas de pantalla

It allows you to take screenshots in different ways on your screen with great ease and has features to save, copy, highlight and share the image quickly.


Applications for learning to read and write with the tablet

We all know the attraction that the little ones show for electronic devices with screens, such as current phones and tablets.They demonstrate a very high learning ability for being so small, mastering menus and screen movements well before reading or writing.

Since they have that innate ability to quickly learn how to use screens, why not take advantage of it to introduce them to reading and writing in an entertaining way?

Aplicaciones para aprender a leer y escribir con la tablet

Image taken from the “I write in block letters” app, see below


Create animated GIFs easily with your photos and videos

The GIF image format emerged already at the beginning of the Internet. It was initially used to provide webpages with icons or small images, always of low resolution and little “weight”. In this way, the pages could be loaded quickly even if we did not have a high download speed.

Soon the animated GIF arose, which is nothing more than the succession of a series of frames at high speed, giving the impression of being a small video or of being animated. As it is still an essentially “light” file, we will never find a high quality image, but the results are very colorful and compatible with all current browsers.

Crear GIF Animados fácilmente con nuestras fotos y vídeos


How to see the COMPUTER icon (This PC) on the Windows 10 desktop

In the previous versions of Windows we had direct access to a series of fundamental and well-known sections, such as My Computer or This PC, Control Panel, and so on.

Many users of Windows 10 miss that drop-down list that appeared when clicking on the Windows icon where it showed us access to those important sections. In addition, we could easily send those shortcuts to the desktop as icons, which made our usual tasks much easier.

Cómo ver el icono de EQUIPO (Mi PC) en el escritorio de Windows 10

In current versions of Windows 10, these shortcuts do not appear anywhere, or at least they are not easy to find. Until recently we could access the control panel simply by right-clicking on the Windows icon but, after the last update, even this access has disappeared.


Do you know the Telegram channels? See this list of highlights

If there is an instant messaging application that can compete with Whataspp, it is Telegram.

The truth is that it has always been ahead in the available functions. From the beginning we already knew that it was a much more secure messaging application than others because of its advanced encryption system. It has also incorporated interesting functions before its direct competition, such as the use of stickers, bots, the computer version or the ability to edit and correct messages after they have been sent.

Canales de Telegram


If you have a 5G Wi-Fi network, take advantage of its higher connection speed

The devices that we have at home that provide us with the Wi-Fi network (routers) work by emitting waves at different frequencies. Lately the dual models are being extended, those that are capable of emitting both the usual frequencies and others less widespread, what is known as 5G Wi-Fi.

Si tienes una red Wifi 5G tienes una mayor velocidad de conexión

If we have a recent installation, especially if we have fiber, it is possible that our router already has this possibility. If so, it will be highly recommended that we connect our devices to that frequency as it will improve our experience in the use of the Internet.

What is 5G Wi-Fi?


Review the privacy of the new Whatsapp status

Recently a new feature has appeared in Whatsapp that allows to show small ephemeral videos. We will find it in what they call Status.

Revisa la privacidad de los nuevos estados de Whatsapp

Until now, the status in Whatsapp consisted of a simple phrase or small message associated with our profile that was shown next to our photo. It was constant as long as we did not modify it and we could choose to be seen by all users, only our contacts or nobody.

What is the Whatsapp status now?


Main doubts about how Google Photos works

One of the Google applications that is currently having greater acceptance is undoubtedly Google PhotosThe possibility of saving unlimited backups of our photos and videos in the cloud is something that attracts the attention of all users, including iPhone users.

Preguntas frecuentes sobre el funcionamiento de Google Fotos

This Google service offers free and unlimited space for our photos and videos. It keeps them available, only to us, when we access our account from any device connected to the Internet.


Google Toontastic 3d, children’s application to create movies

Google just released Toontastic 3d, a new application for mobile devices aimed at children. It is a creative tool that allows you to make small movies with animated characters in 3D, very attractive for kids and simple to use. It features this home page and is available for both the Android system and iOS as well as Chromebooks.

Google Toontastic 3d, aplicación infantil para crear películas


Do you know the Do Not Disturb feature on phones?

Telephones accompany us at all times and we know that on certain occasions they can be somewhat indiscreet. We all know the possibility of silencing them quickly with an icon on the screen or using the volume keys. It is what we usually do if we find ourselves in the cinema, theater, concert, church, etc.

But very few people know the great number of possibilities that includes the Do Not Disturb function, an evolution of the “mute” option that appeared as unique in the first models of phones.

The latest versions of the operating systems on mobile devices have the “Do Not Disturb” feature that allows us to schedule the silences according to predefined hours and filter out notifications or calls that might be important to ring just the same, among other options.