Use the Wi-Fi network for guests of your router for security

Many current routers have the possibility of creating in our homes a special Wi-Fi network for guests. In addition to convenience, as we will see, the use of this function gives us above all security.

Utiliza la red Wifi para invitados de tu router por seguridad

With the arrival of fiber optics as a means of accessing the Internet and the new more sophisticated routers, some new functions that we should know and use can appear in our Wi-Fi networks.


Grindr ignites the gay community for having shared their data

Recently, another worrying case of international data leakage has been uncovered. On this occasion the company involved is responsible for Grindra social network aimed at facilitating contacts among the gay community through its popular mobile application.

Grindr enciende a la comunidad gay por haber compartido sus datos

It is focused on the male homosexual community and currently has more than 3.6 million active users around the world. The objective of this application is to facilitate dates in person among users from this community through shared information, chats, geolocation, photos, etc. It is available for both Android and iPhone.


How they use Facebook information to manipulate us

Facebook information has been used to manipulate its users. This is the emphatic assertion that we can draw when knowing the details of the scandal in which Facebook and the British company Cambridge Analityca have been involved.

Cómo la información de Facebook se puede utilizar para manipularnos

The personal information of the profiles of Facebook has been used in mass by this company to elaborate advertising strategies with the purpose of influencing in the past presidential elections of the USA, at least that is what emerges from the investigations published in some media as this article from Xataka.

What was it?


Mobile malware, the big business of cybercriminals

Mobile malware has been the threat that has provided the most money to cybercriminals in recent times, as attacks through this malicious software are able to remain hidden for longer periods of time, compared to attacks against computers (ransomware). This is the conclusion drawn by experts from the security firm Check Point, who point out that Judy, a virus that infected millions of Android smartphones last year, thanks to its presence in more than 40 applications of the Play Store, remained operational during one year, while WannaCry, for example, did not exceed the month.

Malware móvil, el gran negocio de los ciberdelincuentes


ThisCrush, an anonymous social network that encourages cyberbullying

Although ThisCrush is, according to its creators, a social network aimed at messages that seek to flatter and enamor the recipient, the truth is that the possibility of sending comments anonymously causes the messages of offensive type, insults, threats, etc. to rocket there.

The ThisCrush social network is not even two years old and is already a reference among 12 year old teenagers or even minors.

ThisCrush, una red social anónima que incita al ciberacoso

A meaning of the term “Crush” refers to those Platonic loves that are not reciprocated. The social network ThisCrush is based on this, on being able to send to another person messages to initiate a loving relation of anonymous form or, if it is wanted, showing the real name.


On Instagram fake shops are advertised that just try to rip us off

“Brand clothing down to 90% off,” is one of the recurring ads that appear lately on the Instagram social network. It directs us to a Web page where we can supposedly buy expensive clothes at suspiciously low prices.

The funny thing is that although the attempt to scam is obvious and the page clearly leads us to think it is a scam, Instagram admits to it and does not remove it, at least within a reasonable period of time.

En Instagram se anuncian tiendas falsas que solo intentan estafarnos


Beware of false job offers online

Although this type of scam had its peak during the worst moment of the last crisis, this system of deception, unfortunately, is still used today.

Cuidado con las falsas ofertas de trabajo por Internet

There are unscrupulous people who take advantage of the desperation of those who seek employment to profit from small scams. They offer job interviews or tempting false jobs to which, to gain access, they force us to disburse some amount of money in one way or another.


Fallas and cybersecurity come together for the first time in history

The first cyber-falla in history or cybersecurity Falla is already a reality.

Since yesterday and coinciding with the day of the “plantá” of the Fallas, the Children’s Falla sponsored by S2 Grupo has been exhibited. This company, specialized in computer security and based in Valencia, is responsible for this blog.

La primera Falla sobre ciberseguridad


Sweetie, the virtual girl who hunts cyber pedophiles, wants to collaborate with the Police

Terre des Hommes (Land of Men) is the Dutch NGO that in late 2013 created Sweetie, a computer program aimed at finding pedophiles on the Internet and to report the growing threat of child sex tourism through the Internet.

In just 10 weeks since its launch, 20,000 stalkers contacted this 10-year-old virtual Filipino girl. From that figure, and thanks to the information they provided while chatting with Sweetie, the Dutch organization located and identified about 1,000 pedophiles from 71 countries, and then provided all the data collected to Interpol.

Sweetie, la niña virtual que caza a pedófilos cibernéticos


On the Internet, several cases of pedophilia continue to be discovered

We know that on the Internet you can find perverse contents of all kinds, such as information for manufacturing explosives, promoting the radicalization of terrorists or for making weapons with 3D printers. But one of the most striking, just to show the extent to which human degeneration arrives, is that of pedophilia.

The traffic of images and videos showing sexual content of and with minors is, apparently, much more common than we might think. In a police operation carried out in Spain last February a large number of people were arrested who shared, stored and even created this type of content.

En Internet sigue se siguen descubriendo numerosos casos de pedofilia