I do not want my Facebook name to appear in the search engines

At some point we may have searched our name on Google or another Internet search engine and found our Facebook profile as one of the first results shown. We must know that this possibility is configurable from the privacy options of this well-known social network.

No quiero que aparezca mi nombre de Facebook en los buscadores

Some readers of our blog have sometimes asked us about this apparent lack of privacy, since anyone who searches for your name will find your Facebook profile easily. Let’s see how to configure the privacy options of the social network so that our name does not appear in the search engines if we wish.


Why doesn’t my Messenger message arrive if he appears active?

Messenger is an instant messaging service spread all over the world. It comes from the old Facebook chat that was separated to be used independently on mobile devices, thus creating a specific application.

As with all instant messaging services, users encounter delicate situations that raise suspicions. Knowing if someone is connected, if they have read our message, if it takes a long time to connect or respond, etc., are common situations that we all know and that can exasperate many.

Por qué no le llega mi mensaje de Messenger si aparece activo

One of the questions that Messenger users ask the most, according to the questions that our readers ask us, is:

“How is it possible that I send a Messenger message to a person who appears connected and yet it never arrives?”


WhatsApp allows you to delete messages after sending them

The function of deleting messages once sent so that they also disappear in the recipients finally appears in WhatsApp.

Until now, once a message came out of our phone to an individual chat or a group, it was no longer possible to delete it. As soon as we saw the message indicator change to a simple check, it meant that it had already reached the server and that the recipient was going to receive the message irremediably as soon as it had a connection.

Whatsapp permite borrar mensajes después de enviarlos

But a new version of the popular WhatsApp instant messaging application is already being distributed that allows you to delete them once they are sent, so that they disappear from both the source phone and the recipients.


How to view WhatsApp stories without appearing as viewed

This is one of the most frequent questions our readers ask us related to the image stories of WhatsApp. And is that social networks in general and messaging services, such as WhatsApp, lend a lot to suspicion.

Cómo ver los estados de Whatsapp sin que aparezcan como vistos

We often intend to follow up on what someone shares publicly on the Internet but at the same time we want to hide the interest we have in it, especially the one being watched.


Attempt to swindle when selling through PayPal

We already know that we must be very careful to avoid scams when shopping on the Internet. But beware, the fraudsters’ ingenuity means that we can even be deceived when we try to make a sale using the PayPal payment method.

Intento de estafa al vender por medio de PayPal

Fake buyers check ads in the different Internet shopping sites where we publish our second-hand or new items and contact us. They send us any type of message showing interest in our article and proposing payment via PayPal.


Security On Air

Just a month ago, we celebrated in Hijos Digitales our sixth anniversary. While it is a joy to see how our "little ones" grow and mature, it is in equal measure to celebrate the birth of new members of the family. Today we are writing to you, avid readers of our blog, to announce the  eginning of a new project within the scope of the diffusion of cybersecurity. This is Security On Air.

Security On Air

As the most insightful have been able to deduce (both by the name and by the logo), it is a radio program broadcast over the Internet. Put another way: a podcast about cybersecurity. Their duration will be around 15-20 minutes (so they can listen to it on the way to the office or add it to the playlist while doing some sport) and their frequency will be monthly.


“Snipping” is Windows’ tool for taking screenshots

Snipping Tool is a program included in Windows for some years now and whose function is to provide with screenshots on our computer. Although there are versions that work from Windows Vista, the truth is that many people have never used it or even know it.

Recortes es la herramienta de Windows para hacer capturas de pantalla

It allows you to take screenshots in different ways on your screen with great ease and has features to save, copy, highlight and share the image quickly.


Applications for learning to read and write with the tablet

We all know the attraction that the little ones show for electronic devices with screens, such as current phones and tablets.They demonstrate a very high learning ability for being so small, mastering menus and screen movements well before reading or writing.

Since they have that innate ability to quickly learn how to use screens, why not take advantage of it to introduce them to reading and writing in an entertaining way?

Aplicaciones para aprender a leer y escribir con la tablet

Image taken from the “I write in block letters” app, see below


Create animated GIFs easily with your photos and videos

The GIF image format emerged already at the beginning of the Internet. It was initially used to provide webpages with icons or small images, always of low resolution and little “weight”. In this way, the pages could be loaded quickly even if we did not have a high download speed.

Soon the animated GIF arose, which is nothing more than the succession of a series of frames at high speed, giving the impression of being a small video or of being animated. As it is still an essentially “light” file, we will never find a high quality image, but the results are very colorful and compatible with all current browsers.

Crear GIF Animados fácilmente con nuestras fotos y vídeos


How to see the COMPUTER icon (This PC) on the Windows 10 desktop

In the previous versions of Windows we had direct access to a series of fundamental and well-known sections, such as My Computer or This PC, Control Panel, and so on.

Many users of Windows 10 miss that drop-down list that appeared when clicking on the Windows icon where it showed us access to those important sections. In addition, we could easily send those shortcuts to the desktop as icons, which made our usual tasks much easier.

Cómo ver el icono de EQUIPO (Mi PC) en el escritorio de Windows 10

In current versions of Windows 10, these shortcuts do not appear anywhere, or at least they are not easy to find. Until recently we could access the control panel simply by right-clicking on the Windows icon but, after the last update, even this access has disappeared.