Parental control on the iPhone or iPad comes standard

Mobile devices and tablets are the favorite toys of children, we cannot deny the evidence. We will be more or less in agreement, but the reality is that the smallest of the house find the use of these technological advances very attractive and few parents are reluctant to leave them to be entertained, even at very young ages.

Android devices do not come with any installed system of origin to limit access to certain applications or configurations and even less prepared to restrict the contents that Internet browsers can show us. For this reason, for this system it is necessary to resort to external applications that provide all these measures and of which we already spoke on another occasion.

But the phones and tablets of the Apple brand already come from the factory with the necessary tools to limit many of their functions with a password, which we can easily use as a tool for parental control.


How to remove the Google account from an Android

Adding a Gmail or Google account to an Android means personalizing it, adding personal information linked to us, such as calendar contacts, emails, photos, and many other data that are only available under our username and password.

Linking a phone to an account is initially very simple, because when you launch it for the first time a wizard tells you how to do it, besides it being obligatory in order to use all its functions.

Es una de las consultas más habituales realizadas por nuestros lectores, no resulta fácil encontrar el lugar exacto donde eliminar una cuenta en Android. Veamos el modo de hacerlo.

But on many occasions the need arises to eliminate that initial account because, for example, we are going to sell or give away the terminal or we simply want to use another account that we may have.


How to recover the Google account from my Android

Cómo recuperar la cuenta de Google de mi Android

All functioning Android phones, which are a looot, have at least one associated Google account, necessary for proper functioning.

The great growth in the market of these phones has made many people have a Google account or Gmail associated with their mobile, in some cases, only used for this purpose.

It often happens that the username and password required during the registration process are first entered into the phone and subsequently forgotten. At some point the system will ask us for this information again and if we do not remember it, we will have a problem.


Parental control on Android

Control parental en Android

On other occasions we have already talked about how we can provide the best security for our youngest children in the face of the risks in Internet use. We believe that the best tool is education. That they learn to distinguish danger signs and situations of risk by themselves. As in real life, we will not be able to accompany them to all the places they will go to in life, so we decide to teach them to move independently and safely little by little.

However, during certain very early ages, it can be interesting to limit and even monitor what children do with their devices connected to the Internet for their safety. The use of tools of this type is at the discretion of each parent and must assess when they exceed the security barrier to enter an area privacy of children.


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