What happens if I leave a group of Whatsapp of which I am the administrator?

This post has its origin in the consultations made by our readers through the comments of our articles and also through our service Ask what you want…

For example…

How do I return to a group that I left but I was the administrator?


  If I leave a group of which I am the administrator, who will be the new administrator?

Qué ocurre si salgo de un grupo de Whatsapp del que soy administrador

When someone creates a WhatsApp group they become “the administrator” of that group and acquire certain privileges that should be known:


Locate your friends with Facebook’s ‘Close friends’ feature

Recently a new feature has been included in the Facebook application for mobile devices. It is about the possibility of constantly sharing our location on the social network. It is called Close friends and we can configure it so that other users see our position in an approximate or precise manner.

A few months ago it appeared for users from other countries, as is the case of the USA, but it is now when it has been deployed in our country. If it does not yet appear on a phone, it may be necessary to check if we have a properly updated version.

Amigos cerca de Facebook


Disconnect Whatsapp Web if you do not want anyone to read your conversations

The tool that allows us to use Whatsapp on a computer is great and very functional. We can perform almost any action of this application but with the convenience of a larger screen and the use of the keyboard and mouse.

Desconecta Whatsapp Web si no quieres que lean tus conversaciones

But Whatsapp Web, which is how the tool is known, can become a major problem for our privacy if we do not manage it correctly.


Signs that tell us that an online store is reliable

Online purchasing on Internet sites continues to increase, each year being much higher than the previous in sales volume and the number of people who rely on these services is increasing.

7 signos básicos que nos permiten conocer si una tienda online es fiable

But the boom in Internet sales has also increased the number of fraudulent pages that only seek to cheat the unsuspecting buyer who lets himself be tempted by low prices without paying attention to other signals that should make him distrust.

The globalization provided by the Internet makes it possible for us to see pages with a reliable appearance and with habitual products as if they were from our country but which are actually being offered from any remote place in the world.


When we delete a chat in whatsapp the files it contains do not disappear

(Note Sep-2017: It seems that the behavior is currently different from the one explained in this article, now the phone files do disappear when we delete the source chat)

The files that we send and receive through Whatsapp are stored in the memory of the phone even if we eliminate the conversations, something that surely not all users know.

When we delete a chat in whatsapp the files it contains do not disappear


Duplicate and extend your PC desktop to another Windows screen

With this post we respond to our young reader Aitor who has made the following query.

I saw a computer that had two screens and could have different windows in each of them and work as if it were a double desk. How can I do that?

Duplicate and extend your PC desktop to another Windows screenIt is possible to connect more than one screen to the same computer, laptop or desktop, so that we can have different views on each one. The result will be a single computer running, but showing different applications on each screen.

Let’s see what we can do to connect an additional screen to a computer running Windows 7, although it would not be very different for any other version of Windows.


How to use Whatsapp without changing our last connection time

Almost everyone who uses Whatsapp has “watched” the last connection hour of someone to whom we have sent a message to know if they have already read it. Sometimes we need to know if that person is aware or not of our message and to verify this data can be “indicative”.

The information provided by the “last time” and the fact that it can be hidden awakens all kinds of suspicions and obsessive surveillance behaviors. Questions like:  has he blocked me perhaps? Why doesn’t he answer me? Has he deleted me from his contact list? And others related to the privacy of the application are continuous in the comments that our readers leave.

If for example we sent a message to someone at 12:00 pm and ten minutes later we see that the last time they were connected was at 12:02 pm, we can reasonably suspect that they read it. Added to this is the possibility of hiding the notification of reading with the double blue check that Android has and the privacy settings that each user can choose, which gets quite complicated to know for sure if someone has read or not our message. We will see how we can confuse our contacts by reading messages without altering our last connection.


Utilizar Whatsapp sin que cambie nuestra última hora


How to know the last connection to whatsapp from someone who hides it

We’ve already talked about Whatsapp’s privacy settings on other occasions. It is a subject of great interest and generates numerous questions from our readers about how to view or hide information from other users in this messaging service.

Getting to know if the other person has read or not our message is often turned into an often unsuccessful exercise of espionage, since that person may have configured their privacy so that others do not even see when the messages are read (double blue check) nor when they connect.

Cómo saber la última conexión al whatsapp de alguien que la ocultaAndroid users have an ally that will greatly help Whatsapp spies in the task of knowing when one of their contacts was last logged on. What’s more, they will not only know the last time, but all the times they were connected and their duration, even if they have configured their privacy to hide their last connection and even blocked the spy.


Parental control on the iPhone or iPad comes standard

Mobile devices and tablets are the favorite toys of children, we cannot deny the evidence. We will be more or less in agreement, but the reality is that the smallest of the house find the use of these technological advances very attractive and few parents are reluctant to leave them to be entertained, even at very young ages.

Android devices do not come with any installed system of origin to limit access to certain applications or configurations and even less prepared to restrict the contents that Internet browsers can show us. For this reason, for this system it is necessary to resort to external applications that provide all these measures and of which we already spoke on another occasion.

But the phones and tablets of the Apple brand already come from the factory with the necessary tools to limit many of their functions with a password, which we can easily use as a tool for parental control.


How to remove the Google account from an Android

Adding a Gmail or Google account to an Android means personalizing it, adding personal information linked to us, such as calendar contacts, emails, photos, and many other data that are only available under our username and password.

Linking a phone to an account is initially very simple, because when you launch it for the first time a wizard tells you how to do it, besides it being obligatory in order to use all its functions.

Es una de las consultas más habituales realizadas por nuestros lectores, no resulta fácil encontrar el lugar exacto donde eliminar una cuenta en Android. Veamos el modo de hacerlo.

But on many occasions the need arises to eliminate that initial account because, for example, we are going to sell or give away the terminal or we simply want to use another account that we may have.